Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles go beyond regulations and compliance trends. They represent values that all companies must embody to ensure a sustainable  future for all.

Our approach is grounded in a responsibility to our investors to be trusted and responsible stewards of capital. We focus on investments with the potential to meet and exceed ESG principles, and actively work with  all stakeholders to undergo a transformation journey to address these commitments. We are dedicated to responsible investing and only work with other stakeholders that share our dedication to delivering on these values.

Identifying and mitigating ESG issues is an integral part of this effort and is an important part of our stringent due diligence process. Our ESG  workstreams include environmental impact assessments, compliance and control policy reviews, human capital policy and practice assessments, as well as developing ESG improvement plans. We endeavor to avoid and mitigate environmental, social and governance risks across our investments.

Our ESG commitments


To maintain our  ability to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive

environment over the long term without negatively impacting the environment across our investment holdings.

To create shared value for our communities and culture and improve people’s lives and
neighborhood communities.

Effective corporate governance allows us to succeed in the long term and manage a wide
range of sustainability priorities. We are committed to the highest level of business ethics and professional conduct.